Rethymnon Insurers Association

Έχετε Ερωτήσεις;

Μη διστάσετε να επικοινωνήσετε μαζί μας για περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες


The Rethymnon Insurers Association was founded in 1994 and is one of
first Associations of Greece in the field together with the Panhellenic Association of Insurers. He remained active until 2008 and was reactivated by an electoral process on 7/10/2015 by registering at the Rethymnon Chamber.

The strategic goal of the Association includes the defense of ethics,
financial and professional interests of members and its upgrading
prestige of the profession of mediator. Our concern is the correct information of the public in the field of private insurance and our mediation in solving key problems for both the insurers and the insured.

The members of the Association are committed to offer what is possible for them
above purposes and to devote time and effort to improve the daily life of the insurance intermediary and the insured.

The Board of Directors of the Rethymno Insurers Association is as follows:






“We can do so little on our own. We can do so much together “:

Based on this mentality, we plan to move forward to claim, change and improve our daily lives. In this context, we also inform consumers why they should turn to their insurance intermediary and not to a banking institution to insure, what are the differences between the two insurance companies.

How is the ombudsman different from the bank clerk:

– The broker is next to the insured 24 hours a day in contrast to the bank clerk with whom it will not be possible to contact outside working hours if you have an accident, unexpected property damage or a health issue.

– The client has the opportunity to choose which company and with which insurer he wants to conclude his contract. Whatever cooperation he has with a bank, no one obliges him to insure himself with the provider with whom the bank cooperates. The consumer should be aware of this as banking institutions often follow unorthodox and extortionate tactics in order to make insurance.

– Your insurance consultant is specialized and constantly updated.

He trains, passes exams and has a lot of experience as he deals exclusively with contracts. It invests time and money to propose and design solutions for the client. And no bank does that.

– The bank clerk sees the customer as a number. For the mediator each insured is a special case and as such must be treated.

That is why he offers the customer what he really needs and not what the bank asks him to “sell” without any other hesitation.

– The ombudsman analyzes needs and risks. This is his job. Recognize the risks and suggest how to protect yourself. No one at the bank will explain or analyze the terms of your contracts.

– For all these reasons one must think very carefully whether to accept
the offer that the bank will make to him.