Vehicle Insurance

The car is the means by which we move every day. It is now necessary for most people to be able to follow the planning they have done in both their personal and professional lives.
However, its use carries risks for us and for other road users. That is why the liability insurance of vehicles is mandatory by law in order to be able to cover the damage that we will cause to third parties through our own fault.

What civil liability covers

By insuring the liability from a car accident, the insurance company undertakes to repair the damage that can be caused to “third parties” by persons whose liability is covered by the insurance policy in the event of a car accident through their own fault. In essence, civil liability for murder or bodily harm or damage to the property of “third parties” is covered, which includes monetary satisfaction for mental pain or moral damage.

The insurance also covers civil liability for the death or personal injury of the family members of the insured owner or driver of the car or any other person whose civil liability is covered by this insurance, regardless of kinship.

What you need to know:

Fines and penalties for the uninsured

The law on uninsured vehicles is strict, but vehicle owners should never forget that in the event of their involvement in an accident with serious injury, death or serious property damage, the costs that will result in court costs and damages can reach large amounts. “Catastrophic” for a family budget.

The fines provided by the Law on uninsured vehicles include:

  • Removal of license plates, driver’s license and registration permit for 6 months.
  • Removal of license plates and license for two years in case of accident or for three years in case of recurrence.
  • Fine in favor of the Auxiliary Fund, by act of the Police Authority, € 1,000 for buses and VAT, € 500 for passenger cars and € 250 for two-wheelers.
  • Imprisonment from two months to 1 year and a fine of up to € 3,000 in case of involvement in an accident.

The registration certificate and license plates can be returned to the owner of the vehicle, before the time limit set by law if he pays the fine and presents the payment receipt as well as the insurance policy for the vehicle.

Important coverages

In addition to the statutory liability insurance, the insurance policies include additional coverages that are of great importance to the vehicle owner as when a damage or accident occurs they will be able to cope more immediately and with less or no cost.