Home Insurance

Home insurance in a country like Greece where 70% of citizens live in privately owned homes is the only way to insure your home. which you will either not be able to meet or will have to cover at your own expense. The hardships of a lifetime and for many people their one and only home can be lost when you have not provided to secure it. That is why private home insurance should be part of the planning of every family and should be ranked in inelastic costs. It is basically the only way through which you can protect your family if an earthquake, a fire or some other unexpected development damages or completely destroys your home. Let us create together the contract that meets your needs and financial opportunities. Home insurance is affordable. Through specialized programs we will study your needs, we will calculate the risks and we will suggest the solution that suits your case. Home insurance plans can be contracted by both the landlord and the tenant and cover your home as well as the cottages. There are home insurance programs from 10 euros per month. The cost of contracts varies depending on the condition of the building, its age, square meters and other parameters.

In summary, the coverages included in the contracts:

  • Fire: Covers damage from fire that may cause from minor damage to total destruction
  • Earthquake: In a country like Greece with intense seismic activity, homes must be secured. core / list Given that there is no longer any state care the owners are really vulnerable
  • Immediate lightning strike
  • Explosion damage: Insures the risk of explosion of, for example, the solar water heater, the burner, the boiler and so on. and cause you significant damage
  • Plane crash or vehicle collision: Covers two extreme cases but there are also phenomena that are rare but catastrophic in terms of their effects
  • Leakage of pipes: Covers the risk of breakage or leakage of water supply, heating and sewerage pipes
  • Liability for fire and flood damage and general owner liability
  • You can also ensure that you will not have losses in case of burglary and robbery.
  • Relocation coverage: Your insurance company covers the costs of relocating to another location as your home has been declared unsuitable
  • Storing the contents of the house: The safekeeping of your assets is covered if the building has been damaged
  • Personal Accident: Death by accident, Permanent Total Disability, Permanent Partial Disability, Rehabilitation costs
  • Glass breakage
  • At all costs: You can insure your home items against unforeseen risks and be compensated