Insurance Services

  • Health Insurance
    When needed because of an accident or an illness they will be able to have access to necessary health structures and treatment.
  • Car Insurance
    The car is the means to move every day. It is necessary for most people, for their personal as well as their professional life.
  • Life Insurance
    Life is a fundamental right which is constitutional enshrined in Greek as well as in international legal order.
  • Property Insurance
    Home insurance in a country like Greece where 70% of residents live in privately owned houses consists of the only way of insuring your house.
  • Liability Insurance
    Private insurance programs address to every kind of businessmen and cover a wide range of risks. Also, there are specialized programs for companies of any size, self-employed businessmen and units with staff.
  • Corporate Liability
    The field of liability that results from the legal framework of liability is limitless. According to the current law in Greece when someone provokes, because of negligence, physical injury or property damage to others he is obliged to restore it.