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Our aim is to provide personalized consulting services to natural or legal persons, to enable them manage their property in the best and most efficient way by investing in a dignified and qualitative future.

Insurance services

Our agency, acting as a personal adviser for each customer, is able to propose through thorough investigation, the appropriate insurance plan that covers every possible, where appropriate, risk. Whether for business or individual, contact with us to discuss our personalized proposals that meet your individual needs.

Health Insurance

The protection of our health as a fundamental asset, it is a primary concern, both at individual and collective level. For this reason we offer you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of plans, the one that fully meets your personal needs.

Car Insurance

The insurance of each vehicle is not limited to the required by the insurance law on civil liability, but can be extended to cover more areas, in order to care and support more complex and challenging cases.

Yacht Insurance

Insurance of Civil Liability of the owner of a yacht is mandatory and follows by Law 2743/99.

Life Insurance

Undeniably, the loss of a life is extremely painful, both psychologically and economically. Even more so, when the financial obligations arising makes it difficult, even impossible, to be dealt.

Property Insurance

No matter if you are the owner or the tenant. Everyone needs property insurance, either as a building or as content, even if it is empty.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not only related to the means of transport and the discomfort that a traveler can suffer from cancellations or delays of services.

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